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Business Loan

Managing finance is compelling the most decisive component of any business. For SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprise), timely finance is the key to making the most of business opportunities. As an entrepreneur, your continual aim and goal is to widen and expand your business to the next step or you can say that next level. In business cycle one a time has comewhen you seek financial boulevard to fuel the hike of your small or medium level enterprise. For take your business into the next level you need to do some extra push. In a stark competitive environment and an ever-growing economy, you would not want to lose any business opportunity that comes your way.

When you get business loan from us it is not only helps you meet your working capital needs, but also helps fulfil your desire of growing your business. Our financial loan solutions are tailored to meet the individual requirements of firms covering varied industries. We offer loans specifically crafted for small and medium enterprises, because their financing needs are unique.Business Loans are commonly unsecured in nature which means no collateral or security is needed to get a loan. The loans guarantee a persistent flow of cash for a smooth and continual business journey.

At Capital Lends, we understand the expansion aspirations of small and medium businessesand we know that any business, big or small, needs capital to grow. Our Documentation is easy, processing is quick and the assessment is transparent and simple.We assure that you get the best business loans at the click of a mouse.So,apply for business loan from Capital Lends online and fulfil all your wishes and desires for your business growth.

Benefits of Business Loan from Capital Lends:-

  • Extremely Fast and Simple Process.
  • Submit All Documents Online.
  • 24*7 Customer Assistant.
  • Low Interest Rates.
  • 100% Unsecured Loans.
  • No Hidden Charges.
  • Extremely Safe and Secured Transactions.

Our intent is to serenity borrowing for the borrowers. Thus, we offer not only best business loan, but also loans for good & bad credit. Our wow factor is we process your loan process instantaneous. The advantages of borrowing from us are:

  • Business loan starts from the interest rate of 15 to 25%
  • Malleable and Flexible documentation.
  • Instantaneous processing within 2 days of the request.
  • Business loans starting from ₹ 1Lacs up to ₹ 1.5Cr for a period of 1 to 3 years
  • After the loan approval, the funds are transferred right into the borrower’s bank account.
  • Consider credit repair and new to credit borrowers.
  • Subservient and Sophisticated team.

Following documents are required to apply for a Business Loan:-

Proof Identity (any one) Aadhar Card/PAN Card /Driving license/ Passport
Proof of Address (any one) Aadhar card/Passport / Phone Bill / Registered Rent Agreement/ Driving license/ EC Bill etc.
Financials Complete financials including Income Tax Return of latest 2 years,Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Tax audit reports etc.
Income documents Self Employed Financials including Balance Sheet and P & L statement/ Income Tax Return
Others 2 passport size photographs